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Can Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse can co-occur together?

Psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and addiction are frequently found together. Approximately half of those with schizophrenia have a history of substance abuse, according to research.

Substance abuse is common among people with schizophrenia who are trying to self-medicate or deal with depression and anxiety.

Schizophrenia cannot be caused by substance abuse, but it can be triggered by it. After a prolonged period of substance abuse, someone who already has genetic risk factors for schizophrenia may develop an active case of the disorder. Drunkenness, such as the use of marijuana, cocaine, or amphetamines, can exacerbate schizophrenic symptoms and make them worse.

Substance abuse and schizophrenia share many symptoms, making them easy to confuse. Diagnosing schizophrenia and other co-occurring disorders can be challenging in some cases because of this fact. Researchers, on the other hand, are working to improve the accuracy of dual diagnosis by conducting separate but related studies on the disorders.

Symptoms and Consequences of Schizophrenia

There is a wide range of symptoms associated with schizophrenia, making it difficult for the person suffering from it to carry out normal daily tasks. Symptoms can be cognitive, behavioral, or emotional, depending on the person and their specific condition. The following are common signs and symptoms of schizophrenia:

Irrational beliefs

Schizophrenia patients may hold beliefs that aren’t grounded in reality. This kind of delusion can be about anything, and it’s usually the result of erroneous interpretations of sensory data. Delusions can include any of the following:

  • Feeling threatened or harassed by a real or fictitious person
  • Believing one is endowed with extraordinary wealth or mystic abilities.
  • Feeling as if a catastrophe is looming
  • They believe they are someone else, such as a famous or historical figure.
  • Convincing someone with schizophrenia that their delusions are irrational can be difficult.


When someone has hallucinations, they perceive sounds, images, smells, or feelings that do not exist. An individual who is schizophrenic may be engrossed in an experience that has no real foundation in the real world. One of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia is the experience of hearing voices.

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