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Malaysian’s Troubled by Mental Health Problems

As per the infographic representation of mental health situation in Malaysia and its causes which is still getting increased day by day. If you are among them who are suffering from any form of mental health relates issues; consult one of the leading psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at Serene Psychology Center located at the heart of Shahalam Malaysia. We at Serene Retreat take every case with utmost dedication and are treated by our well-trained specialists through their customized effective programs at affordable rates.

We believe everyone has the right to live a healthy and prosperous life.

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World Mental Health Day 2019

Serene Retreat is committed to provide the best mental health treatment facilities as we believe it is every person’s right to enjoy all the happiness of life with a healthy and stable mindset.

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Lack of awareness about Mental Health Issues and its impact on Malaysians.

Mental health issues are on a rise across the world. According to a survey conducted by the Malaysian Health Department, 4.2mil Malaysians are suffering from some form of mental health issues. One of the core reasons for Malaysians people increasingly having mental health problems is because of the lack of awareness of how to deal with them and recover from them.

Just because of a lack of awareness on mental health people start relating to some myths which are based on some unrealistic stories or events. Some of the most common mental health illnesses diagnosed among people in Malaysia are depression, stress, bipolar disorder, dementia, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders. If it’s not taken seriously and treated properly then it could lead to death.

For mental health treatment, highly professional psychiatrists and psychologists are required who are equipped with knowledge and tactics to help people to recover from their mental health-related illnesses and bring back them to their normal lives.

Among them, in Malaysia, one of the leading private mental health treatment centers is Serene Retreat Psychology Center which is located in the heart of Shahalam Selangor. We are having our own in house mental health professionals including clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who are trained well from abroad and have an abundance of experience are there to help you recover from your mental health problems in a most peaceful, friendly environment at a nominal cost.

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