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Gambling Addiction Among Youth

As seen in the above infographic representation of research which shows how youth gets involves in all sorts of gambling which shows a warning sign of the pathway; which the young teenagers have adopted to make quick income or for pleasure.

Some of the side effects on youth who are getting into gambling addiction are:
a) They are more vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse
b) Another effect is that the probability gets increases in
engaging in criminal activity, unsafe sex, and violence.

Apart from youth into gambling addiction, the second most important thing is the rehabilitation of them so that they can recover from their addiction and get back to their normal lives. There are many rehabilitation centers in the world; among them, one of the leading and best addiction rehabilitation center is “Serene Retreat.” It is located in the beautiful city of Kualalumpur, with its branches across Malaysia.

Serene Retreat is the leader in the recovery field from all gender and ages who abuse or have developed an addiction to one or more chemical substances, process addictions or deviant acts. Serene Retreat’s treatment philosophy focuses on holistic change through the incorporation of a scientific approach with detailed attention to the recovery by helping the clients to strengthen six core aspects of the Self Thought, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Cultural.

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Increase in Drug and Alcohol addiction among Youth- An Alarming Sign!

Drug and Alcohol addiction has always in debate among people for quite a long time. A few years back the only age group mostly addicted to drugs and alcohol were adults. But due to the lack of awareness and as a misleading new trend there has been an increase observed among youth getting involved in drugs or alcohol addiction. According to research done by researchers and addiction treatment experts, it has been observed that in the whole world 7 out of 10 youth are either found involved in the addiction to various types of drugs or in alcohol addiction. Youth are supposed to be the future contributor to a country’s economic growth.

In Malaysia, itself according to research done by some professors and researchers specialized in this field have found that more than 38% of the youth population in Malaysia has been diagnosed with addiction mostly to drugs along with alcohol consumption. But unfortunately in Malaysia, not many Addiction Rehab Centers are there which can provide that level of privacy and environment with customized programs for them.

Among those few Rehab centers, one of the leading private Addiction Rehab Center is Serene Retreat which is getting popular among masses due to its unique and most affordable with beneficial programs. We at Serene Retreat do make sure to provide the best possible facilities to all people and treat them as part of Serene’s Family. We have one the best private facilitations especially for our youth clients keeping in mind their privacy and their personal needs and give special attention to their wellbeing as our future generations are dependent on them.

Do reach us via CALL OR WHATSAPP +6014-903 6413 or visit our website www.sereneretreat.com.my
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