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Impact of Internet Addiction on Youth’s Mental Health

The internet has become an important part of modern-day life, and the global population has risen to almost 3.8 billion using the internet. The association between heavy use of the internet and mental disorders has evolved over the past few years. Impact of Internet Addiction (IA) is characterized as a disorder of impulse control that does not include an intoxicant. IA refers to an impairment of different roles in life. IA, which is characterized as unregulated internet gaming behavior with negative impacts on psychosocial functions, is a consequence of Internet gaming disorder (IGD).

Impact of Internet Addiction on Youth's Mental Health
Internet Addiction

IA has been linked with a lot of mental conditions. Low self-esteem, impulsivity, poor sleep quality, mood disorder, and suicide have been reported to be associated with it, hence impact of internet addiction can be extremely harmful. A study using a self-report questionnaire of 2,114 students (1,204 males and 910 females) diagnosed with IA found that people with IA had greater symptoms of ADHD, depressive disorders, social phobia, and aggression, especially among male adolescents. It is proposed that the ability, insights, and self-awareness through yoga and mindfulness practices can target multiple psychological, neurological, physiological, and behavioral mechanisms involved in addiction and relapse in a major analysis on yoga and mindfulness as complementary therapies for addiction.

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What is Alcohol Addiction and why it has increased among Youth Population?

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcoholism, is a disease that affects people of all walks of life. Experts have tried to pinpoint factors like genetics, sex, race, or socioeconomics that may predispose someone to alcohol addiction. But it has no single cause. Psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors can all contribute to having the disease (Healthline, 2016).

The alcohol addiction is increasing due to the wide acceptance and availability in various cultures. It is widely adopted and hence there is a difference between the one who likes having few drinks and the one with the addiction problem, symptoms are;

  1. Increased use in terms of frequency & quantity of consumption
  2. Lack of “hangover symptoms”
  3. Avoiding contact with Loved Ones
  4. Alcohol dependence to function
  5. Lethargy, depression, anxiety and other emotional issues

There are a number of factors that lead to the increased use of Alcohol in the Youth Population. These factors include the genetic factors that can make a person susceptible to alcohol addiction, socio-cultural patterns including the wide access to alcohol, economic status, family factors and the influence of the peer group.

Alcohol Addiction is rooted deeply and hence is difficult to cater to. The best way to treat alcohol addiction is to consult a Psychologist or an experienced mental health professional which will help young people recover and protect them from Alcohol Addiction which is becoming common nowadays.

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What is Depression and how does it impact our daily life

Depression is a common and serious mental illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Some of the common symptoms of depression are:

  1. Feeling hopeless or helpless
  2. Losing interest in things you usually enjoy
  3. Suffering from Nausea, headaches, chronic pain
  4. Withdrawing from friends and family
  5. Thoughts of suicide

     According to a survey done by WHO around more than 50% of the world’s population is suffering from depression problems due to various reasons. In Asia, according to various researches conducted with respect to mental health; about 65 % of the population including all age groups are suffering from depression on a daily basis which has given a raise to Suicide cases and some violent activities too.

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