Sobering Words from those in the know

My best friend

He was my best friend for 11 years. We had our good time and our bad times, No matter what went wrong, he would stand by me. He was that kind of friend they took from me. Although we had a good time, it was all to my loss. As our friendship grew over the 11 years, I’ve lost more than I could imagine but I still stood by my best friend’s side. He wasn’t a great friend that he left me to die He wasn’t a great friend that he left me without a wife He wasn’t a great friend that he took my family and turned them against me. He wasn’t a great friend he went with me to jail, but he left me there and went home on his own. He wasn’t a great friend who was never there for me when I lived on the streets and ate out of rubbish bins. He wasn’t a great friend, he made me turn against my parents, He wasn’t a great friend he taught me how not to be. He wasn’t a great friend, he left me to die.

11 years in addiction. Now on Recovery

Your life is what you make of it but when you are in addiction, you have no purpose in your life – other than getting high. When you are high, you are in a dream world. You cannot set real goals and complete them because your only goal is getting you next fix. So listen to me, I know from my own experience – live clean and reach your goals. 10 years in addiction, 3 ½ months clean.

If only I knew that then what I know now

In my addiction, I was the first to say that rehab does not work. I thought that to stop, I just needed not to smoke. But guess what! Addiction in much more complex and complicated than just smoking drugs. If only … but now, 60 days in recovery.