Family Therapy

Why is it important for families to get counseling?

  • To give expression on the hurt & pain they experienced
  • To deal with guilt, hurt, pain, trauma
  • To get closure on the addiction episode
  • To repair family bonds that suffered as a result the addiction
  • To stop the enablement of the addict
  • To resolve issues amongst the family

What is the families role in the addiction cycle?

  • Denial – that there is not a problem
  • Wishful thinking – hope that the problem would go away and that the person would be cured.
  • Enablement – supporting the habit of the addict. Giving in to his demands
  • Lack of Communication – breakdown in communication
  • Fear – safety of family
  • Neglect of significant others –rest of the family suffers as to much attention are on the addict

Why is it important for families to get counseling?

  • Quick fix – no investment in recovery process
  • Faulty belief – addict will be cured after treatment
  • Lack of participation from family in the treatment program
  • Emotional unfulfilment of parents
  • Lack of knowledge on addiction
  • Preconceived ideas about recovery