Drug Addiction Treatment Malaysia 

Drug Addiction Treatment

We at Serene Retreat view drug addiction as a disease which affects the body, the mind, the social circles, the spiritual belief, and the finances. It affects both the addict and the loved-ones on all these levels. It would therefore not be wrong to call it a family disease. Though the family has not been using drugs, the client’s addiction has had a negative impact

on the entire family, and therefore we see the client as the infected and the family as the affected. We also treat the family by offering Family counseling, and family workshops, to empower the family as well as educate the family because we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment. The client’s progress will be reported to the family on a weekly basis as we feel that the family should not be excluded from the client’s recovery.


Addiction Treatment: What Makes Our Program Different

Some drugs have a more physical than the psychological impact on the drug abuser. We believe that substance abuse is not restricted to illegal drugs. Some people are addicted to prescription drugs (eg. Painkillers, etc) or cough medicine. Though people do not view it as an addiction, it has all the signs of a drug abuser. Others are addicted to gambling and alcohol.

We believe that different drugs do not just have different effects, but also different withdrawal symptoms. therefore part of the detoxification that is done at the hospital prior to the client booking in at the facility. We leave the field of detoxification to the professionals and do not have the client admitted until the client has been detoxified and is stable for his/her next phase of rehabilitation. Our dedicated staff sees to the clients 24/7 i.e. there is always staff on premises to handle any situation that might arise. We don’t leave anything to chance. We don’t believe in taking risks with the lives of our clients. We have in-patient facilities and out-patient is only done after the completion of the in-patient program.


Our organization offers an 18-month After-care program for the client free of charge, once the in-patient program has been completed. This means that the client gets to see either a counselor, psychologist, etc at least once a week, for the next 18 months, absolutely free.